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OB Fallen
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Former pupils who have died in global conflicts are commemorated in our School Chapel and are named below. A former pupil's name will link to further information if it is available. Our research is ongoing.








Allen, JS

Almond, C P

Aubin, J F G

Bailey, R C

Bainbridge, J S

Barker, E

Barker, R E

Bell, A G

Bentham, C H

Bettison, M H

Binns, C

Blake, J E

Blenkinsopp, M A

Bradford, G N

Brown, W A R

Brown, W H

Buckley, W J

Burn, A R

Champness, E T

Chatt, R B

Chisholm, R M

Clappen, W J [Master]

Claughton, I D [Master]

Coulson, T

Crabtree, W

Crombie, G

Cummins, H W

Cuthbertson, T

Darney, C E

Davidson, A H

Dobson, W A

Edwards, C

Emerson, J H

Errington, F

Errington, J B

Farrow, J H T

Farrow, W

Fawcett, A B

Forbes, A

Forbes, W G

Forman, F

Forster, J H

Fowler, G E

Fowler, WP

Fulton, S D

Gent, G E

Gibbon, C J

Gibson, E

Golder, W

Graham, C

Graham, J A

Hall, C S

Harle, W N

Harris, S G

Hedley, W J

Henderson, A M

Henderson, F

Henderson, W

Higginbotham, G G M

Hill, H H

Hopper, J A

Huggup, R

Hughes, J W

Jefferson, H

Jemmeson, G E

Junor, P B

Kewney, G S

Kidd, B

Kinloch, J M T

Kirby, J S

Kittermaster, A N C [Master]

Lant, E

Lant, T

Lockey, F D

Lowes, E I

Lowes, C A

Lund, A E C

MacCoy, P

Macleod, D

Mackenzie, A [Master]

Mackenzie, J

Manners, G

Manners, W

Mather, W E

Matthews, C C

McLare, A V

Miller, C B

Murphy, G F

Mutimer, R

Myers, J J

Neligan, M A B

Noble, T G

Noton, J E

Olsen, S B

Page, H R

Parker, A E L

Patterson, C A

Paynter, F P

Porteous, T W

Raine, C W

Raynes, R

Richards, H S

Richardson, G W

Robson, T A

Rodriguez, F

Rudman, H S

Sayer, T E

Scott, W P

Sewell, W

Sherriff, W

Sheel, W

Simpson, E C

Simson, W K

Smith, L B

Smith, T M

Snowdon, T H

Sowerby, W H

Spence, C H

Swan, W W

Sweeney, J E

Thompson, C

Thompson, E

Thompson, C M

Thoren, I

Thorne, H

Truttman, A V

Tully, H R

Turnbull, W

Vipond, H J

Waggot, G M

Walker, J N

Wallis, A

Walls, E H

Walton, W H

Ward, C

Watson, F N

Watson, J R [Porter]

Waugh, J P

Welford, A

Wellwood, T G

Whaley, F

Wiggins, T

Wild, H

Wilkinson, S W

Wilkinson, T H

Wilson, E R

Winn, J

Wood, C E

Wraith, A O



Alderson, B C

Anderson, T A S

Bayles, H E

Beadle, R E

Berry, K W

Brewis, J

Brunswick, A T

Boyd, C H

Chatt, F

Cowling, A B

Deacon, D

Deacon, R

Denham, J K

Deng, G W

Deng, W P

Donkin, D D

Down, F H

Erskine, D D

Freeman, C

Holliday, D

Hardy, R F

Hutchinson, R A

Keys, F

Kitching, R J A

Kennedy, R F

Lloyd-Evans, W

Logan, T R

Machaulay, G G

Matchell, E B

Marquiss, T H

Maunder, J N

Mosby, P

Oliver, D C

Pennock, T

Pickersgill, C D

Place, B E

Purdon, P D R

Renwick, J W

Robinson, J N

Scorer, T D

Sheppard, E G

Stobbs, W K

Taylor, S

Vickers, T H

Walker, A L

Watson, R

White, R E

Willis, V S

Wilson, R B

Wibberley, F R

Woodcock, D

Wright, C W



Dent, C


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